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The Sanctuary~Nature's Spa

Debbie Poore, Poore On Oils

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

Essential Oils Expert

I help women make positive choices to live a healthy, beautiful, vibrant life.

This includes several spa therapeutic touch therapies, eduction on how to detox your home, use natural remedies, and taking time for self care.

I have a heart for moms, business women, aunties, daughters, grandmothers and full time care givers, who need some nurturing. I provide that in a tranquil setting among the sounds of the birds, trees and nearby creek.

Having a huge, compassionate heart, and gifted hands, I combine the power of a loving touch with pure potent dōTERRA essential oils in all of my spa treatments. 

Enjoy nature while getting away from it all. Take some "you time" to refresh, renew and heal your mind,

body and spirit at

The Sanctuary~Nature's Spa.


About Me

As I got older, I knew I had to focus more on my health if I was going to age gracefully and remain active for years to come. I began by making healthy lifestyle changes. Then, I turned to alternative, holistic remedies~dōTERRA essential oils. Replacing our toxic over the counter meds, cleaning and beauty products with dōTERRA is one of the most positive changes I've ever made and I don't intend to look back! 

Ready to take control of your health and mindset? 

Book your spa treatment, or holistic wellness consultation today!

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